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Hi everyone!!!
This video is a practice (to test background movement and stuff)
My Flipaclip app is super laggy (lag?) so it was a living hell to animate the lip sync and keep it on time ;-;
Sorry if it’s off timed.
Also! I tried to make the backgrounds in Minecraft! Since I’m super bad at drawing them, so don’t get surprised if you see Minecraft vibes all over the video X,D
EEHHH, I don’t know what to say?
Again, this is JUST a practice.
With nothing more to say…
Hope you like it!!! 🌸💕~

– Fps: 20
– Total frames: 896
– Original meme by: baneenix
– Song: iuean – Honey Lavender
– Time: one day
– OC/characters used:
~ Mager (orange fox)
~ Iris (black haired girl)
~ Kitty (Blue cat)
~ Rose (pink bunny)
~ Limm (green fish)
– Apps/things used:
~ Flipaclip
~ Gachalife
~ background eraser
~ Ibis paint X
~ Sketch
~ Nokia 6 (device)
~ fingers

[the song has copyright claim, so I’ll probably delete the audio in a week or less]

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