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I love using lavender in my baking and this recipe will convert any doubters! These Lavender Caramels are chewy, creamy and fragrant and only have a handful of simple ingredients. Try making them without the lavender but adding a teaspoon of salt and some vanilla for Salted Caramels! Recipe below…


3/4 cup of double (heavy) cream
1.5 tbsp Food Grade Lavender
A Pinch o’ Salt (or a full teaspoon if making Salted Caramel)

1 cup of Caster Sugar
1/2 cup of Golden Syrup (if you can’t get that, use Corn Syrup)
(temp to reach is 155*C then 127*C after the cream mixture goes in)

60g chopped unsalted Butter

**WARNING!!** caramelised sugar is HOT! Don’t go getting any on your skin as you will have to go to hospital! Use a sugar thermometer and, most importantly, use your brain!