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Happy Halloween everybody :]

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you are in the town where all the pokes misbehave
i stay killin teams 6-0 look at all the graves
got the tower full of bodies aint got shit up in the lobby
all u see is purple smoke need that siplh scope just to spot me
then im like, boo bitch no trick or treat
fuck them sweets i need some beats
im like jason with no cleaver sheeth
cut a mitanks head off and eat the meat
ghost swag is on a billi but no casper i aint friendly
more like gengar wit max evs shadow balls hangin freaky
lavendar town im lookin around no one in sight its a good night
cut off the light now you havin a fright you runnin away with all of ur might
thriller! no micheal jackson where yo bitch ass at nigga missin in action
i got that freddy cruger vibe nigga dont go to sleep dont count sheep lil bo peep
you scared little bitch think its safe in the womb
im eatin all yo souls nigga no spirttomb
when the grim reaper comes just know he’ll be sleepin
hypnotized his ass then his dreams ill be eatin
michael myers told me that i gotta play the part
so i got two blades waitin for you bisharp


Young shofu and I’m fresh up out that rock tunnel
Step into town look at the ground see Pokes in chopped bundles
Ooh what a fright
Better get yo frequencies right
You might not wake up tomorrow no point in saying goodnight
Where Pokemon come to die
Team Rocket killin em tragically
See them writhing in pain or makin them twist up in agony
All my goons hit hard
They were probably sent here by me
You know we don’t fuck around
Fuck around your Pokes get deceased
I’m a ferocious disease
You don’t need a silph scope to sleep
Your Pokes they restin in peace but their souls they rest underneath
Ain’t faultin him
They askin to die they startin him
Get buried alive when that prevelence rise so suicide it ain’t stoppin him
I’m moppin em
I beg your pardon
Tried to tell you muthafuckas that I been hard
No need for Harden
What shit you startin
I’m callin yo bluff no Sim card
We somethin like a Gengar
We mischievous
I’m a genius
Your death in the near future I got that prescience
Now it starts to get spooky
Killin beats is my duty
I’ll kill a Pokemon Trainer send his shit to Mr. Fuji
I’m an evil muthafucka, I’m hopin that yo kids home
So I can break in leave a gameboy on in their room give em LT syndrome
What’s a carnivore when in a town of scavengers
Bump this at your local elementary cause a massacre
If you hear them spirits callin better find a channeler
Or else your life could end when in the little Town of Lavender

Shizzy Sixx:

Spittin a frickin heater, felon to misdemeaners
Watch suicune sixx turn into a giratina
The sickest spitter in here with the illest of dimeanors
Aint no nigga meaner, boy im steady speedin off the meter
I murder with every letter, either die or go ghost gengar
Yo girl Im gon haunt her, then again she wants me to get her
Bitches steady holla shizzy you so bomb,
then they gimme that skull like cubones mom
I’m a bit of a menace turnin bullies to frail
Fuckin around i’ll put out a charmanders tail
My bars what you hail you don’t wanna be my enemy
Bitch I’m psychic I know you’ll remember me
You talkin on the net and i’ll bring you this leprocy
Cuz I got TIME to Travel like mother fuckin celebi
Get it B You besta be gone
when I die, rap dies, destiny bond
What a castrophe, an awkward development
Suicune’s wildin’ and steadily wreckin shit
Aint a nigga alive with a flow that can stop me
I’m a mother fuckin boss, giovanni
I’m hard to to the bone your marrows wack
Catch 2 to your knee i’ll take the arrows back
The pharoes back, Im poppin you merked
I couldnt care less if you rot in the dirt
Suicune sixx, you’ll pass with this sound
You resting place is lavender town
You’ll never come back from it bow im too cold
Legendary shit nigga you know
I’m disrespectful as fuck, now watch me piss on your tombstone

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