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Oh my did that took a long time!
First of, it is finally time to put those two teasers that I put to rest. The first one didn’t ring any bell to anyone (except one comment that apparently Youtube didn’t like because it kinda never showed up ever again after I read it the first time…) But the second one made a lot of people realize what was going on. Good job everyone! So what started of as a normal and very classy remaster of one of my remixes slowly mutated into this behemoth, let me tell you basically how I decided to do that. As I was listening to the original Lavender Town theme, I really started to look deeper and deeper and I found that there was SO MUCH more that I could’ve done in the first version, I kinda got mad at myself for a moment, but in the end, I said « Let’s do this » and, instead of opening my old Garageband file for Lavender Town (which is acutally nicknamed OH GOD WHY on my laptop because why not) I decided to open a brand new document and start for stratch.
After weeks of throwing ideas after ideas into the mix, I started realizing that the song was going to be much, much bigger than what I was used to, which was kind of scary. I’m the first one to admit that I’m not a fan of songs that stretch for 10 min and more, because it becomes redondant over time, but with this one, I really tried to add some variety in the instrumentations, in the modification of the theme and by adding more than just Lavender Town in the whole piece.
Indeed, the second teaser was actually the theme from inside the Pokémon Tower, which can be heard in the song, it is mixed with the Lavender Town song, but I though that adding another melody in the whole mix would’ve interesting. It is not the only one, tho. I remembered that, at some point, Blue shows up in the tower to fight us, so to illustrate that, you’ll be able to hear the beginning of the trainer battle theme. I’ve added some original melodies as well, like the one I call the Tower Entrance, which is a long chord progression that leads to a massive melody about in the middle of the entire piece. I really wanted to explore contrast in this song, which is why we have big and intense clusters right before slow and sad melody, that becomes tense right after. This is kind of my way to illustrate the contrast that the original Lavender Town did in the game, having a graveyard and stories about death in the middle of a playful kids game in kind of a big contrast (kinda).
It is still possible to hear the « original » remix that I made a few months ago in the song, there is just way more content in between all of it. I also re-used the photos from the last video, which brought me a bit of nostalgia, but anyways.
Also you may notice some weird instruments being put into the mix. Those are my new instruments that I got when I upgraded my East West Account, let’s just say that I am really happy to have those.

Alright now for the pictures used in the video (in order of appearance) :

Ghost by Snook-8 :

Haunter by Snook-8 :

The Pokémon Tower picture (also used at the end (I mean there’s not a lot of good Pokémon Tower pictures and this is like 11 minutes long so I had to put it again)) :

Lavender Town 2 by MerkyMurkury :
Cubone by BlackjackConcpiracy :

cubone by SpangleShanks :

Mom, Where Are You? by Chicorii :

Pokémon Tower PO from the bulbapedia (highly retouched by me) :

Haunted Mansion – Wallpaper by arkeis-pokemon :

Jigglypuff :

Lavender Town Syndrome :

the sufferin of gary oak by blackwinged-neotu :

Cubone by ArtLG :

I always forget to put the download link! God dammit anyways here it is :