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Hi! I’m sorry I suck at intros I will be making one soon but if you’re new here my name is Gabriela! I am the mommy to my baby girl Lavender. I’ve always wanted to start youtube..I finally decided to start it and share my life with all of you💜 in this vlog we visit my boyfriend (Lavender’s dad) while he is on tour in Europe! We traveled around the UK and then went to Paris for a day.. We don’t see her dad too often when he works so our time together is precious. With that being said I only vlogged two of the days I was there.. Both days he had off so we were free to spend it doing whatever! I hope you enjoy.. comment what your favorite part was and what you’d like to see next.. I have a few videos in the works I just have to edit them 🙂 thanks for watching! Stay tuned for more

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